Jodie's July Nuptials

Jodie's July Nuptials

Is it just me, or has July come around really quickly?

It’s been two years since my lovely other (dare I say better?) half asked me to marry him. After the initial planning phase, where we spent our Sunday’s checking out wedding venues and bouncing ideas back and forth down the local, there’s this lull where life pretty much goes back to normal. Then, before you know it, you can count the weeks before the big day on your hands and the caterers, make-up artists and photographers all appear back in your inbox.

You have to dig out and dust off the wedding planner you swore to yourself you’d use religiously and try to remember all the timings and details you decided on over a year ago. As an avid list writer – I’m almost ashamed to say that my wedding planner got slightly neglected along the way.

Don’t get me wrong – I started with all the best intentions. I used my best handwriting, had colour coded pens and even set up spreadsheets using pretty much every formula I could remember from my IT A Level (there weren’t that many I’ll admit!).  But somewhere along the line I stopped writing everything down in one place and began, dare I say, winging it a little! Pinterest and the ‘notes’ app on my phone would get a bit of a hammering now and then, but I’d generally jot things down on whatever I was working on whenever they popped into my head.

If you we’re to look in my desk drawer – you’d soon see the flaw in this plan. On my last count there were thirteen notebooks in there. All different shapes and sizes; but of equal importance! There’s the ‘Quote A Day’ to-do-list pad, used to write my day-to-day lists (and inspire the office with various inspirational quotes from the likes of Benjamin Franklin to Oprah Winfry!). The perfect handbag sized notebooks I take to trade shows. The even smaller than those notebooks, used to leave tiny messages on my colleague’s desks. The notebooks that are almost too pretty to write in and saved for very important notes. You get the drift…there’s a lot going on in there! Sometimes, I know I’ve written something somewhere – it’s just finding it that can be the problem.

And now, it’s July! I get married this month! I think we might have managed to pull all our ideas together in time for the big day (touch wood)! There are still a few bits left to sort, like gifts for our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and some last-minute touches to add, but luckily for me – I work in the perfect place to sort most of them! I must try harder to avoid the cake though!